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2020 Pinewood Derby is in the books!

Thanks to everyone who built a car and supported the event this year!


Scout Car Heat Times HERE

Open Class Heat Times HERE

2019 Pinewood Derby was great! Thanks to everyone who built a car and supported the event this year!


Scout results HERE
Scout Group results HERE
Scout Car Statistics HERE

Open Class Results HERE

Great Pinewood derby 2018! Special Congratulations to our Scout overall trophy winners this year Roman, Gus and Collin!

Best Design Scouts :
1st Place - Jack P.
2nd - Matt V.
3rd - AJ K.

Best Design Open Class : Les E.
Open class winners : Xavier S, Les E. Izzy C.

2018 Car Images

2018 Event Pictures

Scout results HERE
Scout Group results HERE
Scout Car Statistics HERE

Open Class Results HERE
Open Class Group results HERE
Open Class Individual Car Statistics HERE

Placeholder for Adams mill service project pictures

2017 Pack337 Community Yard Sale was a BIG Success!
A one day fundraiser that netted $561.45 in pack profit!!!!

A great big 337 thank you to all who donated their time and their "stuff" for the sale and the replanting of the flowers in front of the church.

Event Details (for next year) : HERE

Great Pinewood derby 2017! Special Congratulations to our Scout trophy winners this year AJ, Eli, and Bo.

Top 3 Scouts HERE

Car Statistics HERE


Photos from the 2016 Akela Scout Cake Bake



Great Pinewood derby 2016! Special Congratulations to our Scout trophy winners this year AJ, Eli, and Bo.

Event Pictures HERE

Full Race Results HERE

Car Statistics HERE

Car Photos HERE

Check out the pack Facebook page!

PACK337 on FB


Remember your cakes all have to be 100% edible! No plastic parts or wood on the inside. DOn't have a great Star Wars themed cake and get disqualified from prize judging for a non edible cake!

Welcome Back everyone!!!

Some great pictures from the summers end festival at the pack Facebook page HERE

Special thanks to Home City Ice for donating ice for our pizza booth and Dewey's IGA for allowing us to keep it cold overnight!

Indians Game


2015 Pinewood Derby

Good race this year everyone! Congratulations to Bo for fastest scout car this year and Reyna for winning the open class

Event Pictures

Car Pictures

Results and statistics:

Group Standings
Group Statistics
Individual Car Statistics
Lane Statistics


2015 Blue and Gold Banquet

Great Banquet this year guys. Loved the pics we took from the drone!


Troop 337 (Big Scouts) Civil War Reinactment

Boy Scouts can be pretty fun too!


2014 Fishing Derby

Not a ton of them biting this year. Note to self : use hotdogs next year!

Event Pictures

2014 Pinewood Derby

Such an exciting race this year! Great job live streaming it!

Event Pictures

Cub go see it at the Adams Mill

THis is always a great GO SEE IT! If

First Tiger Cub go see it at the Adams Mill

THis is always a great GO SEE IT! If



2013 Pinewood Derby

Great event this year! Thanks to all the great leader and parent help, thanks for the wonderful crossover ceremony, thanks to the girlscouts for pushing their snacks, thanks to Xavier for streaming the event live to fam and friends who couldn't participate locally.

Cub Results
Cub Car Statistics

Open Class Results

Open Class Car Statistics

Car Pictures

Streamed the event live from teh Pack 337 cub scout channel :


Klondike Derby this year was devoid of snow (we had plenty of liquid snow) but all 12 boys still had a great time and came away with some victories, including the first ever sled race win for pack337!

The big sled race! Victory is ours!!!


This fall's campout was a bust because of the constant rain, but we got some really good pictures and fun at the bottle rocket launch event. Click on the image for a look at the pictures.

Family Campout Photos. Great time this year everyone! Thanks for helping with the oven Ben Hoffman and new guy Seamus's dad!

2012 Pinewood Derby Photos and Results (click the pictures)!
This year's overall winner : JACK BEASON!
Audience voted best design : DALTON LOWREY!
Scout Race Results
Open Class Results
Awards Certificates (top 3)
Den Awards

Bears and Tigers visit TV18!

2012 Blue and Gold Pictures. Special Thanks to SnakeHead ED! Another great show Ed.

2012 Akela / Son Cake Bake. Amazing cakes for this years "Outdoors" theme


2011 Tigers and Wolfs at the Fire Station

2011 Fall Campout featured some pretty good food!

2011 Family Campout was a blast! Great food, toad races, tug of war, scavenger hunt, and a great crossover ceremony. Way fun!


Videos = Funtimes, Crossover 1


2011 Scouting For Food did well with the double take! Thanks Rossville!

2011 Pinewood Derby
New track for the pack this year thanks to the excellent Popcorn sales effort!

This year's overall winner : J.Smith!

2011 Blue and Gold Banquet Photos

2011 Klondike Derby Photos

Akela/Son cake bake was awesome this year. Way to go Hunter for your best in show slinky cake! Special thanks to this year's celeb judge, Terri Brown. Check out the pictures! PHOTOS

December Pack meeting PHOTOS


Veterans day 2010. The boys opened the Rossville program again this year. Wonderful job guys! PHOTOS

Congratulations to the 2010 Flag Challenge Winners the Webelos2 Den! PHOTOS

Big Thanks to the guys that marched with us in the 2010 summers end parade!

2010 Scout Crossover We are SO proud of all the 2010 Webelos 2 who have crossed over. Good luck in Boy scouts!!!

Tigers Obstacle Course! What fun!

2010 Pinewood Derby Congrats to all our scouts this year! Great Derby and great to see TV18 do a story and shoot some video for us! Video soon available for download along with a complete listing of first heat race times. and the final race times. First place overall : Xavier St.Myer, Second place : Colten Ford, third place : Carson Mills. Great job guys!

Blue and Gold Banquet Lots of really great food, great awards presentations and a great demonstration by Purdue physics professor Keith Adams!

Monster Truck Jam in INDY Pretty sweet show this year! Griffin Williams can tell you all about it, but don't ask him about Gravediggers freestyle performance - GD flipped his rig during his first jump! Thanks Adam for organizing everything.

2010 Parent Son Cake Bake Thanks to Misty K for getting the prizes for the winners and special thanks to Tina and Jerry Tague for being our independant judges this year. WOW! Some truly amazing cakes this year. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how great they all were. Thanks to all the scouts for a very memorable and fun pack meeting!

2010 Klondike Derby Our Webelos 1 and 2 dens participated again this year. Battling the 10 degree weather and the deep, deep snow, they moved their sled from station to station, won 4 blue ribbons and 4 reds, and finished second this year. They won the sledge race by a mile and we had an awesome Snowball fight!

December Pack Meeting - Congratulations to the Wolfs on their flag challenge win this year - eveyone did a great job! Congratulations on this year's popcorn sales!

Indiana ICE Hockey game pictures What an exciting game this year. SHOOTOUT!

2009 Bottle Rocket Pack Meeting Pictures Soem really Great Rockets this year, and another appearance from Future Tom! Rocket prize winners : Traveling trophy space race award for best den effort = Bear Den. Most Creative = Blade Barrett. Best appearance = Grant. Longest Flight = Brent Washam. Great job gentlemen!


2009 Ice Cream Social Our first pack meeting was a success. A very, very special thanks to Ian and Courtney for donating the ice cream this year AND serving it. Go buy some ice cream and candles from them! Next to Deweys (765) 379-2918

Summer camp photo page! Special thanks to Jeff Smith for taking all these pictures



June 27th, 2009- Summer trip to Holiday world was great fun! Fitting reward for that great popcorn sale!

May 2nd, 2009- Family campout was great fun at the girl scout camp this year. Check out these master chefs !


March 14th, 2009- A Great derby this year! This years event winner was Xavier St.Myer, Joshua Smith with second, Mitch Dickerson third, and Jordan Nagel came in 4th overall. Final times for racers HERE by special request. A VERY big thanks to TV18 for the great story they ran on the event (video story available 10.9MB not for dialup download! Right click and "save as". High resolution video available - Just get Tom a blank DVD+RW disk), and a big thanks for all the help from the leaders, Kevin Oliver got our trophies this year, and Adam Barrett did a fantastic job as MC! Send your pictures to Tom and he'll add them to these pictures

Also reporting in this day were the results of this year's food drive. 912 items were collected! Way to go Rossville!!!

February 18th, 2009 Blue and Gold Banquet. This year's banquet featured a great Arrow of light ceremony and a great keynote speach about frontier life from lifetime boy scout Kip Sloan. Thanks Mr. Sloan! Photos

January 22nd, 2009 Father Son Cake Back Photos from January Pack meeting! Thanks to Ian Schroder for the great "chat with an eagle scout". Also, thanks to the Rossville schools superintendent Dr. James Hanna for his celebrity cake judging. And the winner is.... number 22!

January 10th, 2009- Great Klondike Derby this year. Our boys won most events but didn't know we would lose points for not camping the night before so we didn't get the big trophy (congratulations to Pack 359). We might not have won the derby, but we definitely placed higher in the events than any other pack. Our boys really set a great example this year.
Some great pictures

November 8, 2008- Pictures from Purdue Space Day.
Some great pictures and pictures

September, 2008- Pictures from the bottle rocket pack meeting.
Some great pictures

October, 2008- Scouts at the Feast of the Hunters Moon.
Some great pictures

Got a Friend who's interested in Scouting? 7PM Thursday night at the Rossville Elementary multi purpose room. Or call your scout m

September 18th, 2008- School Night Scout Callout

Got a Friend who's interested in Scouting? 7PM Thursday night at the Rossville Elementary multi purpose room. Or call your scout master, Tom St.Myer - 765.296.2962


August 23rd, 2008- Summers End festival Photos!!

We'll be marching at the front of the parade this year again. Scouts, get to the head of the line at 9:30 AM and look for Mr.StMyer. Bring a smile and your parade wave!


April 17th, 2008- Crossover ceremony at Pack Meeting

Great crossover ceremony this pack meeting. pictures

March 15th, 2008- Pinewood Derby

Great participation from everyone this year. There were some really neat cars this year! pictures.

February 20th, 2008- Blue and Gold banquet

Great meeting! Special thanks to Adam Barrett and Joe for the Eli Lilly Mr. Wizard science program. pictures.

January 19th, 2008- Indianapolis Ice Hockey Game Pictures

Another fun scouting sponsored event! pictures.

January 17th, 2008- Father Son Cake Bake- Location Brethren Church, 7PM

Awesome cakes this year! Here are our pictures. Special thanks to Mr. Chad Dennison for being our celebrity judge!


December 20th, 2007- December Pack meeting - Location Brethren Church, 7PM

What a great meeting and a great year for popcorn sales. Way to go scouts! Pictures


This pack meeting gets everyone ready for Christmas, we collect our popcorn fundraiser money, announce the prize winners, hand out achievements, and prepare for scouting 2008.

Get ready to start thinking about cake design for the father son cake bake coming up in January. It should be great this year. The cake theme is Movies! Anything to do with a movie you like or, well, something about movies!

A few new pictures posted from the father son campout earlier this year. Check them out here : Photos take 2

November 8th, 2007- November Pack meeting (second thursday) - Location Brethren Church, 7PM

This pack meeting gets everyone ready for Turkey Day, and presents the pack with the den yell challenge! Each den comes up with a den yell that best describes them and the audience votes the winner to the snack table first!

POPCORN fundraiser order sheets are due along with prize selections! Money not due until December pack meeting. Each scout should have an idea of what prize he wants to select from the order form! Bring any unsold popcorn back and drop off at checkin before sitting down.

Show and sell credit (for prizes only : do not add to your order sheet please, simply add the scouts credit to the sold popcorn total to determine prize level on order form)

Pictures from October pack meeting HERE

October 6th, 2007 - father Son Campout

We had a great campout this year! The food was great, the games were great, the bows and arrows were great, the boys were great... Skylar caught a crawfish, we saw some HUGE bullfrogs, there was a long hayride and even the adults had some survior style fun trying to make fire without a match. Campout photos and campout photos take 2 (thanks Lloyd!)I




September 29th, 2007

What a great kickoff to the 2007 popcorn Drive. FANTASTIC attendance by the pack and $563 worth of popcorn sold and $46 worth of straight donations! WOW! Check out these few pictures. 2007 Show and Sell

Thanks to Gretchen Ford for the banner and to Deweys IGA store for letting the boys setup in front!

Don't forget to also pull down a copy of the newly introduced VERY SHORT SCOUT REPORT by Bear scout Cordell Ford

September 20th, 2007

Great water bottle rocket launch pack meeting this year! We had some really SUPER rockets!!! PHOTOS


August, 2007

Welcome to another great year of scouting!!! See everyone at the Ice Cream Social on Thursday the 30th at the park. 7PM! Check out the events calendar to start mapping out your scouting season. Also keep in mind the highly anticipated water bottle rocket pack meeting is in September this year so the dens will need to start on their rockets right away!

Check out these PHOTOS from the May pack meeting!


Summer, 2007 - Indianapolis Indians Campout Phone pictures



May 5th, 2007 - Family Campout

It's been a tough spring to get everyone together but we had a good turnout. We played some baseball, target shooting with waterballoon artilery, the boys hunted the pack leader down to soak him, there were trail hikes, an obsticle course and some really good food this year! Click here for pictures

One of Next year's Tiger Scouts!

Mar 10th, 2007 - Food drive Feedback

We got word from the foodbank that the pantry has never been so full. Great job this year scouts!!!

Mar 17th, 2007

What a great day it was for Racing! First place went to J Metzler, second was C Ford, third was B Barrett. Way to go scouts! We had some really awesome cars this year. Send pictures to me at . Stmyer camera pictures located here

Some happy wolf scouts!

PINEWOOD DERBY featuring track improvments and huge laser light show (well track improvements anyway). Everyone get your cars ready to race! Official rules here.

Feb 21st, 2007
The 2007 blue and gold banquet was awesome! ! Thanks to Snakehead Ed (Email ED) and Lisa Sharpe for taking these Pictures:
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

What a great looking Pack!
Georgeous George - WOW



Jan 18th, 2007
The 2007 father son cakebake was a huge success and lots of fun for everyone. Check out the pictures! Thanks to our Judge for the event!

We have a winner!

Pictures from the December pack meeting (please email me some better ones!)

•Popcorn pickup at Weigand house 12.02.06 from 10AM to 11AM : Have your $$ in by the 12.21.06 Pack meeting!
(Special thanks to Tracy Weigand for leading the 2006 fundraising campaign. Thanks Tracy!!!!)

• Don't forget about the Hockey trip on December 9th! Call or email Jeff Reach for details (268-2244) ! Scouts in uniform are FREE!!!

• Leaders : Leaders page updated with calendar events - check it out!



The Popcorn fundraiser is upon us! Use these links to send emails to your relatives and print out your order forms :

Order form

Office Flyer

If you haven't picked up your popcorn yet, here is a map to the Wiegand's home. Knock on the door and ask for Tracy!


Blue and Gold Banquet 2006
With NASA Astronaught Guy Gardner